Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cuteness overload!

Well it was a bit rainy this afternoon so the puppies and I had our playdate indoors. They got to romp around my room and mess things up:-)) They are getting so cute and fun, though as always lots of work too! I hope that you all enjoy these pics, virtual puppy breath coming at you!
Flora and Elliot, chewing my puppy rug together
First go on the round bed, right to left, Flora, Alis and Remy.

Remy trying to hold Alis back, Bolt and Boo still napping in the background.

Dory trying out her new teeth.

Alis going for the pounce on someone, the tile doesn't have the best traction for soft puppy toes.

NaNa you can't catch me! Crush:-)))

Flora and Alis on the bed

Cinder trying out the bed only she came late.

Black puppies on the bed. Remy, Buzz and Flora to the far left is Elliot.

Couldn't resist this cute one of Remy, what a sweet face!

Flora again, she was in the middle of everything, I love her white facial hairs:-))


  1. They are SO darling. I love the photo of the b/w kids on the bed.