Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pups day 4

The babies are all gaining and growing.  The three boys are over a lb already and the girls should be there tomorrow.  Today was my first day back at work since the pups came.  Beli loves to go to work so he had a great day; he's at his best when there is an audience:-))  I always worry leaving the babies for the first time though they are fine.
3 boys

2 girls
 Beatrix popped off the faucet right when I took this, she sure is cute.  Phoebe isn't quite as full and fat as the others yet but she is gaining regularly.  Bubbles is a fantastic momma and very protective of her babies.  None of the other dogs, except Beli is allowed to come into my room without a low growl from her.  The other girls are respectful of her space mostly.  Abby was so cute, when I brought home the babies she ran to the box and jumped in with her toy; I think she thought they were hers!
Happy family

Puppies are such a bright spot in my life right now; I'm so happy they are here!

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  1. They are beautiful Amy! I am so happy for you!