Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, February 20, 2012

Indiv pics and intros

Here's the kids, they have been weighed ( all are 11-13.5oz!), cleaned and thoroughly checked over now.  Mom is doing a great job cleaning everyone and making sure they are getting plenty to eat as well.  They are all beautiful babies, just the one mismark who is quite a pretty girl:-))  They have all been named after Saints, in honor of Beli who is also named after a saint.  I hope they grow into their saintly names!
Basil blue boy

Beatrix- blue girl

Linus- blue boy (I'll get a better pic of him later, he's hungry!)

Magnus-black boy(for Carol:-))

Phoebe-black girl


  1. I am glad mum and pups are doing well. They are beautiful! I like the Saint name theme in honor of Mr. Beli.

  2. Hello babies! Big brother Tigger says you all look beautiful, and he thinks Basil might be his evil twin.

  3. Yeah Bubbles! Lovely babies! Jill- what do you mean? "**evil* twin" heeheehee