Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Promised pics

First a couple of Beli pics from this week.  Of course I'm taking loads of pics of him so I just cut it down to a couple:-))
This morning waiting for breakfast

 Last weekend in the garden, wants to play with something...
 Nap time yesterday, he and the kitty (Margarita) are almost the same age; I got Beli 4 months after the kitty
Big set of triplets, they are 1wk old today.

Small set 3 days older all are doing really great!

Twins from last weekend.

Bubbles and Abby today after baths:-))

You can see the baby bump a little better here, she is actually pretty big for 6 1/2 wks.
 Busy weekend and back to work tomorrow but for now all is leveled out.  Hopefully the last two ewes go with no issues.  Bubbles has about 2wks to go, fingers crossed that goes smoothly too.  So much going on to wait for:-))


  1. Great pictures, especially of Boop. I thought I recognized that big head in the second picture.....Tag. :-)

  2. Bubbles looks like she'll bottom out soon! Hoping for an uneventful birth. And of course, hugs to you and Beli!

  3. What an awesome update! Beli is as handsome as ever! ;D Congrats on the upcoming litter! Any chance we can bring Remy and Alice for a visit sometime after they're born? :D

  4. Very big and pretty lambs!
    Beli looks good.