Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pup updates and new arrival

Well the babies are growing like weeds.  They are all well on the way to 2lbs and getting fatter every day:-)
Very pretty babies they are too, I'm excited to see how they grow up.
The black girl found prime real estate on the top of milk mountain.

One of my favorite things about having puppies is watching them eat when they really get in rhythm and suck:-)  The sounds are one of the best things ever!

Abby having a good time playing with everyone this week.  She is such a good girl, I enjoy so much about her!

Bubbles got to attend the walk this afternoon, looking rather saggy but cute none the less!

Our new arrival is Crush from AbbyXTigger litter.  His family was unable to keep him due to severe allergies developing.  He is a lovely boy and is looking for a perfect companion home!

Patsy loves playing with Crush, he loves playing with everyone.

Abby stalking Patsy, love it!

Baby Sally, poor girl has an ulcer on her eye and is in a rather foul mood about it.

Lambs are growing and eating like crazy!  The worms will be out soon so I'd like to get as much weight on them beforehand as I can.  Everyone is doing well, though I sold two ewes/lambs this week...
Couldn't resist this one, the dogs and I had a great time just chilling up at the top of the field.  The birds are out and singing like crazy, grass is growing and there are babies everywhere:-) 5 Ducklings hatched on Sunday, lambs and puppies oh my!


  1. Wonderful pix, I feel like I'm there!

  2. Lucky you! I am so jealous. I could be there and not here in cold snowland.