Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, July 27, 2012

Long time no post.... and travels

Well I've had lots going on and not much desire to post lately.  Been a tough couple of weeks....
The time has finally come for our big trek across the country to New Mexico again, this time we are trialling dogs!  Patsy, Abby and I will make our ASCA debut on all three stock.  It is going to be an intense 4 days I'm sure!
I am excited to be able to visit Wimberley and Nathan in Texas with their new baby boy, Levi too:-))
Lastly, my friend Debby R gave me to most wonderful good bye present, shown below.  This is an original oil painting of Beli from one of his many photos.  I am so touched, what a wonderful very thoughtful gift;-)


  1. What a beautiful painting! Beli was one of a kind and he deserved to have an original work of art.

  2. It's gorgeous! What a great friend Debby is. Good luck to you, Patsy and Flabby!

  3. That's a wonderful picture of Beli. What wonderful memory's it must bring back. Good Luck at the trial. Keep us informed. I wish I was going with you.

  4. That's a great painting. Good luck with your trip.