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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Way overdue

I'm so far behind on updates and  blogging!  Puppy folks have been very good about getting me updates on everyone.  First up is NEMO!  AKA Cooper from Abby's last litter

Cooper pining Amy while she was out mowing the lawn:-))
 Now more recent updates!  Bubbles and JD pup, Magnus, AKA Cooper is doing great.  Sounds like he is a fun pup for Maria!

Pretty boy Kiko, Mike takes some beautiful pics!

And Linus now know as Toby, chillin in the shade.
Now for the crazy puppies!
Do you see all that dirt?  They are quite good at jumping in the water tank and then rolling in sand:-))

Round 2...

Bubbles fully recovered from her spay.  She has a great time playing with her pups and hunting bunny's.  She is looking for a home that she is queen of the castle.

We have several dogs boarding this month.  First is Wick, Patsy's bro.  He is here for training/boarding while his mom recovers on the beach in south FL.
Wick gets along with everyone and just has to figure out how to play with Patsy while the corgis are attached!

Handsome boy Wick.

Finally RAIN!!!

We did get rain this afternoon, a good storm finally too.  The grass is struggling here still, I'm hoping we get just a touch more today.  It does put a damper on my lesson schedule though...  Dogs are great.  I took Bea out to lunch and yougurt on Sat with some friends she had such a good time!  She got her own TCBY and had some pizza too:-))  I just love that puppy!  Don't worry Phoebe gets to go this weekend and we'll add in the feed store too!  Both of them are happy outgoing and confident pups, the only thing they may lack is discipline!  That will come in time though:-))

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