Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, June 22, 2012

Take your dog to work day?

Well thats everyday for us!  I took Sally and Patsy today and Patsy learned a new trick:-))  I gave her a bath and she was all excited so I used it for trick time.  She did her normal tricks (stand/ piroette/crawl/roll over and dead dog)  then we taught her a vet clinic trick.  She jumped on the counter, layed down and then showed her belly:-))  Her first show off was disaster, she went flying right off the counter to the floor!  It was funny, next time she lighted to the counter like a cat and was solid on her feet.  She is always very proud to show off what she learns.  Sally on the other hand was very put out that she could not also jump on the counter!  Poor Sally she is naturally short in the leg department:-((  She did promptly tell Patsy how disappointed she was!  Will have to get pics on Monday at work!

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