Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We didn't float away

Well Debby has come and gone; leaving us with very green grass, more everyday.  I so wish I could have sent her out to CO!  My heart goes out to those folks who are being affected by the fires there.  I am happy to have had the rain as we were extremely dry and were needing grass to grow again before the end of summer.
I finally took the dogs out for pics this afternoon.  They had a great time!  We haven't done walks to the back for over a week due to the weather; they played until they couldn't play anymore!

Abby on the hunt for Patsy...

...found her!

Try to match the bodies, I know the one blue one is Rudy, the other two look like a monster!

Cute Bubbles taking a break from rabbit hunting

The puppy girls were having fun of their own, Bea stalking Phoebe.


Phoebe making a run for it

Unbelievable how they can tors their bodies around?

Bea a little ahead of her sister

Now its time for a soak in the spa

...and maybe a little snack of grass.
It feels like somewhat of a rebirth on the farm, everything is fresh and green.  All the ram lambs for this year have been sold and we have just the girls trying to fatten up before Fall when I bring our new ram home.  Ducks were sold a couple weeks ago so now we just have some goats left to go and we are ready for winter!  I guess we've got plenty of time:-)))


  1. yes maybe a little early. winter is still a ways away I hope. the pups look good. Are you keeping them?

  2. I LOVE the spa photo! That one's great!

  3. Yes thankfully winter is still a ways off! We can't plan ahead too early though:-)) Yes I like both pups very much so they are both still staying...
    Thanks Taryn, they do love the spas!