Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today the AbbyXBeli litter turns 5 years old!  What a group they are, Sally is of course the live in.  She was the puppy that was never meant to stay but watching a 4 month old Cardi puppy take 25 unbroke goats up the field by herself was too much to resist:-))  She was meant to be, both homes that we had for her couldn't take her and that's why God had a purpose for her in my life.  So to the entire litter Lucy, Betsy,Sally, Tag, Casper, Kate (Coco) and Elsie, a big Happy Birthday!

So much that I see in Sally reminds me of her father, right down to the early gray!

Cute little Sally

Just the way she likes it, tight and fast!

Notice the wool coming out of her mouth?

Things are not ok if the stock is not running:-))

Her favorite, pushing them away!

Handsome Tag!
No recent pics from anyone else, hopefully we will get some with the Birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Sally and to my sweet mama's boy, Tag! Can't believe they're 5 already!

  2. Happy Birthday Sally, Tag and sibs! Half brother Bolt hopes you all have a great day!