Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Goodbye home

Its always so hard to leave home and dogs... Poor Mr Oli still recovering from surgery but he'll get lots of attention with me gone, mom loves him:-)) Took the dogs on a nice long walk yesterday evening. Everyone has a good time running amok and chasing others. Abby just wants those darn squirrels but most of them run and play. The weed is doing well still, don't know what in the world caused her sickness last week but she is on the mend and well now. Cute girl I'll miss having her along. Rosy and Patsy had a big time racing around playing last night, I hope they gots lots of energy out!
Dory, cute girl watching the goats and checking out what trouble might be available to her. She found some as always but nothing too bad.

Still have ewes to lamb, hopefully that will go smoothly. The farm is in capable hands but its a lot of work to leave for one person. Looking forward to my time in Houston though, meeting new friends and reaquianting with others. So Houston here I come!


  1. Travel safely. It looks like a potluck is in store for Saturday night. The SW Cardi herders that have motor homes have cooked a huge brisket and will expect us all to bring a side dish.

  2. Poor Oli! He looks like Jacob Marley. Have a safe trip and see ya there!