Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am home and have half a brain again! What an exhausting couple of weeks. We had lots of fun visiting Wimberley and Nathan as well as friends at the Nationals. Got to meet a couple of new people and put names to faces. Congrats to all the winners!

Patsy is glad to be able to burn off some of her excess energy running amok at home!

Oli is healed and happy again, my sweet blue boy.

Remy is glad to have a puppy playmate again but is missing sister Dory! I'm sure he and Alice will have lots of fun when he goes to his new home.

Even Rosy was happy to be able to run and play again, I swear her coat is coming in now that we are home!

Silly Patsy face!:-))

Here is our last arrival from Friday morning, a pretty little ewe lamb. Mom has decided she is not the boogey man...

Cute spotted ram lamb from Thursday evening.

and finally the beautiful triplets! 2 ewes and a ram. The girl to the far left is on a bottle since mom won't let her nurse but they are all big and healthy.

Introducing Jumbo, father to my two new sheep. The 2 new ones travelled well and are acclimating ok, I'm very excited to see what they will produce here.

and the two new arrivals. The ram is white and is about a month and a half old; the ewe is the spotted one and she is a little over 2 months. Nice babies! Thanks Wimby:-)))


  1. Are those my sheep buddies? LOL, glad we had some "time" such as it was at the nationals.

  2. Yup those are them:-)) It was very nice to hang out for a while, wish we could do it more often.

  3. Can I borrow your half a brain? Mine is still missing. Everyone looks happy to be home! Dory sends kisses.