Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gettin ready!

Well the last couple days have been really crazy busy! It always seems to happen but not usually this bad. The goats are having a lot of struggles with worms now. This is the worst time of year for parasites, the grass is barely coming up and the worms are crawling up too GROSS! Anyway I've been treating several of them for days, 1 ewe with lambs is still being treated as well.
Plus Friday we started my new fence line in the back. Its now about 150x150 and a nice sized working area for students and my own dogs. That took two days to get up and I still need to set one gate but need new hardware for it. It looks really good just different to look at.

Finally I am packing for the Nationals and had to clean my car out. Before pics would have been just embarassing, so here are the afters only. Looks like plenty of room however I'm sure that it will be packed full with 5 dogs and all my stuff! I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon and going most of the way but I decided it was too much to try and go all the way in one day. I got all the dog stuff set to go food, grooming, toys treats... now I have to pack my stuff, ugh... I'll be glad to get on the road! Oh yeah I also need to work a couple dogs before I go since thats not been done since last week sometime!


  1. Have a safe trip! Train the sheep well on Friday (G)

  2. Have fun and send reports. Love the new training area!

  3. Thanks! Sorry to say Susan I'm not doing the AHBA trial...

  4. Hey Amy, I'm not doing it one day and I live in Texas! Of course on the other side LOL. I see by your photo that we have the same packing priority, Diet Coke in 1st!