Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dogs on the ranch mainly in the mud!

Yup so I thought I would take a nice walk around the house with the pretty yellow flowers! These are my feet after I thought I would cross the mud pit. I lost my crocs and had to retrieve them at which point I was up to my elbows and knees in mud. I've finally gotten myself rinsed off, the dogs will get bathed Monday so they can just shed off the yuck... Post croc loss and mud stuck, it was a least 12" deep! You guessed it Patsy found it first! There she is after her inagural dip called everyone else to the death trap! Dory found a more princess mud hole, only a couple inches deep, however if you notice her legs she has already gotten into the deeper one! Beli went for the manly mud... So did Abby, only for pros no amateurs need attend! This is the idyllic pre-mud walk in the pretty yellow flowers, Beli catching up.. Rosy trotting through the meadow.
Wimberleys Cowboy came along as well, sweet boy, you notice he didn't get into the mud!:-))


  1. You know, you pay big bucks for a mud treatment at a spa! The Meadow Dogs are pretty ...

  2. Yeah I hope it works like that for no coat Rosy! Thanks though:-))

  3. the meadow is beautiful!!!

    love the mud photos. :)

  4. Jill, I was thinking the same thing! Mud treatments for all!