Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Finally got to spend some time with the dogs today. Took lots of pics, here are a couple.

Patsy with her game face on, though this is playing with the girls, she is starting to see livestock too.

Beli was in such a good mood today. He had bloodwork run and everything was Perfect! Yeah

Remy being bratty as usual, trying to steal Patsy's prize.

Rosy getting sand in her face playing with Patsy.

Patsy is such a water dog! Love, loves, loves water in all shades, chasing the spritz out of the hose here.

Rosy stalking Patsy, strutting her stuff:-)

Love this pic, such a cute girl. Sorry she is fresh out of coat right now.

My cute old guy with his stick.

Evy and Abby on squirrel patrol

Such an enjoyable day with the dogs. After lessons tomorrow we'll se if there is more time for pics. The dogs and I are taking a couple days off of working, we'll get back to it soon!