Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of those days....

We've all had them...
Most of my pics didn't work out today, just crowns the general mood of the day. Patsy and Rosy had a few minutes of fun though.

Remy is such a sweet cute boy. Sorry to say I am placing him, just didn't make the cut for the show ring. What a fabulous temperment though and would still do well for a therapy home.

Sweet little guy:-))

I also have Oliver available to a companion home, he is almost 6yrs old and would love to have a person of his very own. I would like to see him in a single dog household or with a female Cardi companion.

Poor Evy has been quite ill all day. Not sure yet what it is thinking could be Pancreatitis, but we should have bloodwork back in the am. She is acting slightly better this evening though still not 100%. Please keep the little Weed in your thoughts that she is better by morning.

When it rains it pours! Oliver has been struggling with an ear hematoma for the last week, I'm hoping that we can get it licked without surgery! I need to get everyone well before I leave for the Nationals next week.


  1. Geez. Not a good week. Good wishes coming your way.

  2. Yuck, that does sound like a less than wonderful day. Hope things look up soon!

  3. Sorry for such a cruddy day yesterday. I hope today is much better.

  4. Amy, I am with you in prayer, thought and in heart for a better weedy, Oliver and just a better day all around!!!! As you know if you ever need me I am here for you :)

  5. Poor Weed. We're praying for the best, and for Oliver's ear. Bolt sends sloppy kisses.

  6. Thanks All! Evy is doing much better this am and is keeping food down now. BW did not show much wrong, just some essentials that were out of wack! Hopefully she is on the road to recovery, now I'm hoping that Oliver will follow suit!