Dogs at Lake Dora

Friday, March 4, 2011

5 states 1 day!

Well the pics are backwards somewhat but here is some of our trip today. I didn't take pics all day but...

This is Oklahoma lots of cows and horses, not as green yet.

Oklahoma cows

Arkansas, beautiful state really. Green and very pretty hills

Huge church in Arkansas, it was really really big!
Trip went ok, big stop in Memphis for an accident but otherwise pretty smooth and easy driving. Glad the big drive day is over though! Yuck! My whole body hurts from being so cramped up all day. So our grand total miles for the day was 845 miles! Under 300 tomorrow and then 3 days of puppies, dogs and rest:-)) Hopefully a little sightseeing too, maybe some other fun stuff, we'll see. There is lots to do in NM.


  1. 845 miles in one day!! Wow! Enjoy the R&P (Rest & Puppies)!

  2. Safe travels - enjoy your trip!!

  3. Yup it was a long day but overall easy travel. Looking forward to getting my feet on the ground to stay.

  4. Egads, 845! I'm done at around 500, and want the heck out of the car!