Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, March 19, 2011

First trial day

So proud of my girls today and a couple friends too!
Abby first run was quite nice, I screwed her up didn't handle well but she was VERY good. 4th place just out of points... Abbys second trial was nice though not as good as the first run and the buggery sheep slipped out of the Z chute. Anyway it was nice enough for a 1st place and HIGH IN TRIAL! Woohoo that is her first major towards her HC, Go Abby!
Rosy did a fabulous job as well, her first run was almost flawless, just very nice. Took all of her downs and nice work overall. She was first in her class with an 83, took Reserve High in Trial as well just out of HIT by 1pt. Second run was not very good, she was tight pushy and her draw of sheep was a bit above her pay grade. Still for only her third trip off my farm to work different sheep it was very good. Got lots of nice compliments on her too.
My friend Debby and her Aussie Rosy did a fabulous job in the second trial for a 4th place and HIT Aussie, with a really lovely run. It has been a long road for Debby but she got it together today. We went out to celebrate at Outback with a steak dinner and the dogs got special chewies too.


  1. Congratulations on Abby's major! Whoo-hoo!!!! Congrats on Rosy too. What a NICE weekend :)

  2. Thanks! Proud of both girls, what a great weekend for the Raglan girls!

  3. Wish I had video too! The only video I got was of Abby's NQ, but I'll try and post that soon.

  4. Congratulations, Amy, Abby, and Rosy. That is awesome!