Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lambs and kids

Below are the two goat kids born Monday evening, in the barn with some white muscle symptoms but are doing much better after their Bo-Se!

While I was in NM my mom had to keep watch on these two girls. They will be 3 wks old on Saturday. Both had a nice set of twins, each with a ram and ewe, just what I would have ordered!

Bumbly 09-1 She doesn't count very well, didn't want her ram but he is a tough little boy and found a way to the milk bar anyway:-))

A3009-2 She also had one of each. You can see in this pic but the ewe lamb(in front) has really cute light brown ear tips and spots all over. Both ewe lambs are the bigger nicer lambs in the the "litter" too which is odd.


  1. Cute babies! I so enjoy mine. What are white muscle symptoms?

  2. Thanks, I do enjoy the lambs and different work for the dogs. White muscle is general muscle weakness, stiff gait, hunched back and bowed legs. First time I've had it here...