Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, February 7, 2011

Storms a brewin and Fernie!

We have been getting a little rain the last couple of days but the blowing and temperature drop today was really something! The clouds don't look real imposing in the pic but the wind was fierce! Not too much rain yet but there is still more coming (says the radar:-))

Finally got my Fern pics uploaded too! Fern came for a short visit on her way to another fun trip. Fern and Rosy had lots of fun playing keep away with the inside bones.

Ferns got it!

Kirsten and Fern, very cute. Fern is a very happy go lucky girl, full of personality and life! She has healed so well it is not really noticeable at all where she had surgery. I'm so happy that Fern has Kirsten and Kirsten has Fern, they are quite the pair!:-)) Good luck girls!

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  1. Beautiful Fern! Has anyone told her about snow yet?