Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, February 14, 2011

Silver is good but BRONZE is better!

I got word today that Beli's girl Marzi (Cornerstone's Marzipan NAJ) recieved her first agility title today to finish Belis ROMB! Beli must have known, he was VERY full of himself this afternoon. I am hoping we still have a few prospects who will be helping him gain his Silver!

So the list of contributing Beli kids is as follows
Raglans Hippie Chik HXAs
Raglans Jazz Man HSAs
Raglans Lump of Coel PT (RIP)
Raglans Keepyohoovestoyoself PT
Raglans You're it PT
Raglans Ewe Too HSAS
Ch Cornerstone All My Wishes HT PT HSAsd HIAd
Ch Trinity River Curlin PT
Cornerstone Raglan Rhedyn PT
Cornerstone Marzipan NAJ

Ch Cornerstone Lady Liberty ROMb also finished the requirements for her ROMS with her contributing children as follows
Ch Raglan Oliver at Arylan PT
Ch Raglan Burna Skid Mark HIAs
Raglans It had to be Ewe HXAs
Raglan Lump of Coel PT
Raglans Hippie Chik HXAs
Raglans Keepyohoovestoyoself PT
Raglans Jazz Man HSAs
**Of course all of these are pending approval


  1. That's great!!

    Am planning a trip to the states this spring/summer so Pixel will hopefully contribute a few! (agility and rally for sure!)

  2. Well, there is absolutely no doubt that the herding instinct runs strong in your lines :-)

    How wonderful to have so many active owners for your pups!

  3. Thank you all! Without these wonderful owners none of it would be possible! Thankfully I was able to title quite a few in herding so I have first hand knowledge of their ability and desire.
    Go Pixel! I think with Rosy and a few others that are going for titles we should reach Silver!

  4. Hooray Beli and Libby! Tigger and Bolt are very proud!