Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heres the story

This is how it ended, but our walk started looking great. Its a beautiful warm breezy day here in FL. So here's the story...

These are my co-pilots for our walk today. Evy, Abby, Lily and Sally all decided they wanted to sit on the cart with me instead of running amok with everyone else.

Abby hung out on the seat in my lap just basking in the beautiful day. Look at the sky! Really very pretty:-))

Evy trying to get my attention, surely Abby is not worth my affection! Don't worry Evy and Abby both get plenty of attention, I'm sure thats not what they think if you ask
So then Abby jumped off the cart and I heard a little whimper and she was lame. Poor girl ripped her nail clean off the outside toe. Only left the quick. What is it with my girls doing this when they are entered in trials? Sally did it last time she was entered and had to be sedated to rip it off... I think Abby will be fine but I put some meds on it and wrapped it with a bandage to keep it clean for a few days until I can dry it out. Poor flabby Abby:-(


  1. Poor Flabbs! Baby Bolt sends face licks, and hopes she'll be better in time for her trial.

  2. Oh no!!! Poor Abby. I hope she is good as new quick!

  3. I had 2 girls rip off toe nails last year. Poor Abby! Good luck at the trial!

  4. Damn dogs --always doing something at exactly the wrong time . Although is there a right time to get hurt??

  5. Thank you all I think she'll live:-)) No there is never a good time though I guess all in all, this isn't a terrible time. Abby does have time to heal before the trial, Sally did hers the week of the trial!