Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Babies @ 6 months

Carol came over today to help me take pics of the babies. Abby also had a bath so we took a couple of her as well.

Remy at 6 months, still a bit high in butt, it is already starting to improve though. He also has a backup career as a therapy dog in the works.

Dory freestacked on the ground, she is getting better at this:-))
I want you to notice her tongue, always moving, thanks Sam:-))

Finally Mom! Check out her tongue too, like mother like daughter!

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  1. Sam is happy to see the Yardican tongue lives on. Does the tail always wag too? You have to use the two in counterpoint to keep your balance :)

  2. Dory isn't sure enough on the table to have the tail going yet. I'd bet that she is soon though:-)) When she's on the ground its always going, she's pretty balanced I guess...

  3. Beautiful babies! Beautiful mom! I think Baby Bolt missed the tongue gene ...