Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am very sad to say Ch Cornerstone's New Light ROM, left Rita today at just over 13yrs old. Being Belis sister made her family but her quiet very sweet demeanor endeared her to my heart forever. Shimmer was such a dear girl and even though she was not mine I feel like a part of my pack died.
I remember seeing Shimmer at only a couple weeks old, she was "Miss Piggy" in the litter. She grew into a beautiful regal Cardigan girl. Only a couple years ago we went to visit Rita and Beli and Shimmer had such a good time playing in the front yard when I went to say goodbye to Rosy (Ch Maranathas Cornerstone Rosy ROMS their mother). That was the last time Beli and Shimmy got to play but we did get to see her one last time in FL. The picture above is Beli/Shimmers "Goodbye Pic". Tears roll down my cheeks now because this loss is so close to home, I know that my future holds that difficult day for Beli and I. I hope it is years away but you just never know. So hug your dogs tonight in memory of Shimmer. Goodbye dear sweet Shimmer, see you over the Rainbow Bridge!


  1. So very sorry. They are never here long enough and they always take a piece of our heart with them when they go. I'm hugging my two extra special tonight in memory of Shimmer.

  2. It just breaks my heart when any dog crosses that bridge but especially when the oldsters go. I know it is their time but they've given so much to their human families that it seems extra sad. Sending hugs to brother Beli and giving my oldsters and extra squeeze tonight too.

  3. Thank you so much Amy and all the commenting Cardi lovers. She was very special. My daughter and Shimmer grew up together and Shimmer always lit up for and obeyed Hannah.
    I buried her under Hannah's bedroom window next to the fig tree. Also, she is Dreamer's Mom.

  4. Rita, although I only knew Shimmer in her older years, I will never forget what a sweetheart she was. I remember going to see her at the clinic a few months ago and feeling all emotional because I knew it would the last time I saw her. Having to let go of any pet mine or not, tugs at my heart strings. I admire your strength! She was a special girl. Hugs to you and Hannah. I think the place you chose to bury her is perfect. I'll be thinking of Shimmer tonight while I'm hugging Tag & Libby. Rest in Peace Shimmy. XOXO