Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is in the Air or Wind!

What a wonderful Spring day, minus the wind. It is pretty and sunny and I do believe it is becoming more green by the hour! The puppies are doing well still. They are all in their own crates every night, eating well, coming when called... well that is just not their strongest area:-)
They are cute and while their time here is drawing to an end, I am so enjoying every moment I still have with them. I went and laid in the sun with my camera and the rascals took off to the shade. So I followed to the shade after a couple pics they were in the duck pen, such is the life of a puppy!
They have a big schedule this week. We are going to Ritas for what was going to be evals now more of just a trip for them. I will be keeping Faith, I really like her and she is really what I was hoping to get from this litter, except she is female:-)) We can still go over puppies and chat some, its been a while! Thursday is vet day, microchips etc...yuck, poor babies. Friday Trace is going to his new home and Sat and Sun I have a herding trial so Brenn and Faith may get one day there then Brenn will go home too. Its just flown by and I will miss them so. I am hoping for more babies in May, more on that later...

Faith and Trace rough housing in the hedge. They thought the mulch and leaves where just too much fun.

Trace outside the duck pen, taking a break from barking at his sibs.

Brenn boy, such a cutie pie!

Rosy and Brenn, they had such fun playing in the hedge! Racing back and forth, to and fro.

Faith about to get the what for, biting Rosy's tail!

This pic is more for the over all feel of the day. Abby rolling in the background, Sally and Trace playing in the foreground. "Seize the day", say the dogs!

I couldn't resist, Faith with a big smile on her face, she was scooting all over making a fool of herself!
Trace, making a break from Abby whom he did not care to play with!
Rosy and Brenn again, she is so wonderful with babies!


  1. Amy, you need to mat the "Faith smiling" photo and enter it in the CWCCA Nationals Photo contest. It's everything that Cardi puppies are about.

  2. All very cute pictures, but I love the shot of Abby rolling in the background! Just so adorable!