Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Puppies 6wks and Rosy

Well the puppies are just as cute as ever, being quite independent these days. There are a couple videos, the second one Brenn sees sheep the first time, its very cute, I've not had one show interest this early, he's going to be dynamite!:-)) Also Rosy and Sally were out and about with the babies, so there are a couple shots of them too.

Rosy looking for trouble or a puppy same thing anyway.

Rosy stacked all by herself:-)) I think she got some of her dads hambone...

Three babies, only one I got of the three of them

Miss Sally, trying very hard not to go chase the neighbors JRT.


  1. Both your videos were really cute!

  2. Faith chasing the bag is adorable. Brenn looked like he would watch sheep all day!

  3. Hmmm I do believe we need to put that stacked shot of Rosy on your website.

  4. Hi ! I had such a good time looking at your photos and watching the cute !!!

  5. Thanks all!! I so love Rosy! I really wish I had sheep to work right now...she wants to work bad. Oh well lambies are still set to come in the next couple weeks.