Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cuteness is 7wk old puppies

What a yucky soggy day. Tornado warnings/watches, lots of rain and more expected tonight. The puppies were held hostage all day inside, they really wanted to be out finding new adventures. I gave them a new bed in their inside pen. Honestly I can't figure what the big deal is with the space under the pillow in a bolster bed. They were crazy for it!

Brenn digging for gold?cookies?mice? I don't know but he was digging around in the bed for at least 30min.

Faith, she is more attentive to me so if I say something she'll pop her little head up, the boys could care less.

Sorry I don't know how to get the pic to turn the right way here. Trace was joining in the digfest here. They are sleeping on the bed as I write...

Ooooo... there is hope for ears to stand without tape! I envy Brenns new owner that:-)) Here he is with his cute fluffy face, I bet the reason his ear is standing is the horns are helping hold it up! He is a little bit of the devil, in the cutest way possible.
Thankful for another day of rain coming tomorrow. I need grass ASAP! Sheep are unhappy with the hay now and want the green stuff. They are in the barn throwing a fit but it is safest as we are expecting heavy rain overnight with high winds.


  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of the devil in a puppy. It's when they grow up and the devil takes over that you have issues :)

  2. Super cute and what lucky puppies - that bed looks comfy!