Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dogs, lambs and puppies oh my....!

So busy this week... I started a math class today. It is a prerequisite class for one of the colleges I am applying to for nursing. So I must complete and of course pass to be accepted among many other things! I also have another application to turn in for a different school, I've already completed my prereq's for that school just didn't get accepted first time around. So I am trying to keep all my ducks in a row so to speak for schools
Also we have a trial this weekend so I have been trying to work dogs although that hasn't gone real well. I did get the girls and Rosy worked yesterday. Both older girls did great! I worked them on the new lambs with two of the mommas without their babies. So basically I had a bunch of very unhappy sheep, which made for very tight pushy dogs! I worked both girls on a single to make them keener to control and then on the big group to push them back out. I am hoping that will help me with the lighter trial sheep, we'll see. Rosy isn't trialling but needs work! So she got to work the new light lambs too. She was pretty good for her first time but wanted to cheat a little so had to get corrected some. She took it well and responded appropriately so that was really good! I was very happy with the girls!!
In puppy news, Sally has been demoted to chores only. I believe she is pregnant, early I know... She has always been very close to me and she is really acting different now. Much more demure than she used to be. Time will tell for sure. I am really excited though! It will be my first litter from Oliver whom I've only had back for a year now. Sally is as driven and nice a working girl as I have and while Oliver has interest his strenght lies elsewhere:-))

I do believe she is glowing!:-))

Please give me the toy back, please, please....

No really mom I like to play rough SEE???

OK fine I'll take your toy then, how do you like that?

This is the new baby from Sun morning. Cute healthy little ram, about 8lbs, his mom has got the nicest bag of any of the yearlings! He's been a little slow but is still growing.

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