Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bummed Excitment

Well its kind of like Jumbo shrimp I guess... I'm pondering lots of stuff, dogs, school and work... No decisions or anything but just lots of thinking that makes me jump from being bummed to being excited and then back again.
I finally got to sit and watch dogs, snapping a couple pics while I did it! With three girls in various stages of heat my house is now in utter uproar! Ugh... Girls are hormonal; Boys are way worse! Abby is doing well though and I love this pic of her. She is such a pretty girl and she really showed up for me this weekend:-))

These are the new sheep! They are FL natives, they have wool that will have to be shorn, YUCK! I wanted something that would work a bit differently, quite a few trials are using them here. There are a couple reasons for them. These are weanling wethers, this way in our current arrangement I can have three workable sheep when everyone else is bred (like now!) and they are different type so will offer another learning tool for the dogs, all good! Funny little things though, very light right now.

Faith doing her best, "Yeah, I heard you I'd rather not listen though, BYE!"

Rosy, she kind of got the short end of the stick for pics during her month. She came in season which took the wind out of those sails and there has just been a lot going on. I do love this pic though, she is very yummy! I sent entries in so her ticket to the Nationals is on its way. This will be a perfect time for her to come in season and blow coat. Oh... yeah she is in the middle of doing that now!!!! GRRRRR!

Faith, this time she decided I was the better thing to come to. Puppies... I completely forgot to take front pics when we did stacking. I really like her front but the next time I have someone who will help I'll get some.


  1. Hard to believe the Beli girls will be 1 tomorrow. That is a lovely photo of Rosy!

  2. It really doesn't seem like its already been a year! HBD ZsaZsa from sis Rosy and daddy Beli!