Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

We are starting the new year out with being better about posting and taking pics again!  I hope I can stick with it.
First I started out last week making my Great Grandmothers Chicken and Dumplings!  Yummy:-))
 Sally started out the new year by finding more gophers; they are tearing up the back pasture terrible!
 The dogs are getting along great though we are missing Rosy, funny how one or two(Oliver) dogs being gone changes the dynamic of the whole group.  Dory does add a little different point of view but she is still very puppy, as you can see below:-))  She wants everyone to get along.
 Patsy is growing up!  She will be 1yr old on Friday and she sure acts like it.  Her work is coming along really well and all the dogs love playing with her.
 Sally, Rudy and Patsy playing... some things won't change:-))  Amazing the contortions they make when playing though!
 Mr Rudy.  He is going to attempt is TDI certification in a couple weeks.  I hope that he does well!
I hope everyone has a wonderful new exciting year planned!  We have lots of stuff in the works here; hopefully a lot will come to pass:-))  Today is the first taste of winter in FL this season, we are cold and in the 20's/30's here today and tomorrow, its a nice change from 80!

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  1. Happy New Year, Amy!

    My plans for the year include getting ready for the Nat'l in Ohio...Herding and Agility, maybe Rally.

    If you ever get any spare blogging time ;-), I would love to see a post contrasting Patsy's Aussie temperament with the Cardi temperament.