Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas and Updates!

Well there has been so much going on here but I've been too exhausted to share.  Not sure if I had a touch on the flu or what but I was almost not functional!  Geez I'm feeling much better now and catching up on lots of things.  I cancelled on my family and stayed home for Christmas; while it was sad not to go and hang out with everyone, I"m so happy I stayed!
 Jill was here for the Eukanuba with Tigger and they brought Dory and Bolt for a visit.  We had a lot of fun, helped at the breed booth, watched Cardis and stayed for groups and BIS.  Lots of fun, got to visit with people we rarely see down here and see dogs we hardly see:-)  It was a great day but VERY busy!  So Jill left Dory here for us to try and get a herding title on this Spring and Jill took Rosy to try and get some points on for me!  I sure do miss Rosy but Dory is having lots of fun running AMOK!
 Patsy got to attend the Feast of Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve with me at a friends house.  It was awesome food and she got to play with her friend the American Bulldog, Capri!  They had a great time and so did I!
 This is one of my Christmas presents from mom and new slab in front of my dog room!  She was so thoughtful that she even took each one of the dogs to the slab and put their feet in it for me to treasure and remember.
 She added her three in there as well so all the Hill dogs are in the concrete.  Now the step is easier for the big dogs and will be easier for puppies when/if we have them!
Bubbles is the only one that is not represented, we were off having fun elsewhere.
We got lots of great things for Christmas!  A tripod for my new video camera from Dad; now I can shoot lessons and my own dogs without needing a camera person all the time!  The other part of my gift from mom is a sign for me and the Cardis; the hard part is that I have to design it!  I'd better get to work, I've got lots of ideas but I'll need to make a decision on one and thats not easy for me...
The dogs got lots of treats too, from me and my friends!  Bisquits galore, lots and lots of toys and yummy chews (sweet potato and beef puffs)  Yummmm:-))

We are very blessed this year for wonderful presents and great friends and family!