Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Boop!!!

Happy Birthday to the old man.  Beli is 14 this year, Woohoo:-))  I'm going to make him a pumpkin cookie "cake", if its food he'll enjoy it.  He is doing great!  Latest bloodwork showed nothing, looked like a 2yr olds!:-))  Eats like 5 horses, goes for walks with us, and even occasionally gets to help feed the sheep.  He pretty much does what he wants, when he wants!  He loves going to work with me again, he gets snacks all day there!  I love my little guy and am so happy that he is still here!  Here are a couple pics I snapped when on our walk a couple days ago.

Still has a big mouth!

Still nothing like a good roll in the pasture

relaxin with my peeps

Time to shake it off, its dinner time!

Heres to many more Birthdays with the Boop (aka Beli boop, the little guy and more recently  "Old goat")


  1. Happy bardkday, Beli -- wishing many more years of good health and being spoiled.

  2. Happy barkday, Beli! The big 14!! Here's to many more happy and healthy years ahead.

  3. Lowri - Happy Birthday, Beli.

    Kearney - Happy Birthday, Beli. You are still my hero!

  4. Rosy says HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! We can celebrate when I come home! Tigger says Happy Birthday Grandpa Boop! And Bolt and Henley say they want to grow up to be just like him!

    There truly is no one like Beli!

  5. Happy Birthday Beli!!!
    (from daughter Pixel!) :) 14 is awesome!