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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Patsy is 1!

What a fitting time to answer Taryns question on Patsy's Birthday!  Happy 1 year my Aussie girl!

 5 wks
 4 months
Just shy of 1yrs

She is a pretty girl and you can sure tell its her still:-))  Well it is hard to compare dogs to me since they are all individuals.  I will preface anything and everything I say next under the blanket that this is a WORKING BRED AUSSIE.  I'm not taking anything away from other bloodlines but Patsy is working bred and I am mostly familiar with aussies from similar genetics.
First I love Patsy, she is different from the corgis not bad just different.  The Cardis are more pushy and demanding about attention, toys... well just about everything!  Patsy is a large lap dog and LOVES to be petted and given attention; she is very sweet:-))  The Cardi girls are just mean sometimes, I've not seen that from the aussies.  Patsy is quiet(hardly ever barks) thats just her other Aussies are very barky!  She plays well with others and didn't need the dog socialization that the Cardis do to be that way.  Movement sparks more interest (good and bad) than it does from the Cardis.  Her attitude is very workman-like most of the time.  Even on walks she does play with the dogs but not because she starts it, they always force the play on her.  I think the main difference to me is her quiet biddability, she really wants to please me.  The Cardis have a very stout personal set of goals that they are not easily persuaded about; I like that about them.  Its nice to have a dog that wants to do what you want too though!  One other thing, I've not seen an Aussie with the clowney sense of humour that Cardis have either, that I would definitly miss!

So I hope that is helpful to Taryn and anyone else who wants to know.  I really do enjoy and love Patsy she is just not the same as the Cardis.  I do think that the two breeds compliment each other well!


  1. Thank you for responding to Taryn's comment. It's very interesting!

    Happy Barkday, Patsy!

  2. Happy Birthday, Pats! I miss you and the gang. You are a good Aussie ambassador.

  3. Thanks, Amy! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I was wondering if she was from working lines as her looks are a bit different from most of the Aussies I see.

    Interesting comment about motion. Jimmy is super-sensitive to motion, esp when it is a BC running agility. Go figure :-)

    Happy 1st B-day, Patsy!

  4. You HAVE seen aussies with big senses of play and humour. Dually and Mikey are both like that and Peaches, although you don't know her very well is extremely playful. Dare , however is veryy very very serious but will pick up a toy occaionally and act silly. In my experience , aussies are generally more silly and playful than not.