Dogs at Lake Dora

Monday, September 5, 2011

Catch up

First I'm a very bad mom, I didn't post about Evy's Bday! Evy is 8 this year and enjoying every moment of her retirement. She still loves to share my bed, hunt lizards and rats and just be a general pest:-)) She is from my very first litter and I love her so much. Poor Weed, I'll try and be better next year!

Resting on one of our NC hikes.

Hanging with her pop Beli after doing chores this summer.

Second. Rosy is finally in season and will be bred in the next 2 wks. Plans change all the time for me, this is no different:-)) Nugget, Jett's brother is the lucky guy:-)) I will post pics and info on Nugget later! I'm excited about this litter and will continue to post updates as they come along.

We have a very busy Fall coming up with trials, judging and puppies I hope!


  1. Happy Birthday, Weed! And good luck to Rosy, hope you make lots of nice, healthy babies.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to the Weed and all her brothers and sisters (including those at the bridge....xoxoxo to Coel....miss my sweet boy) Also, love to Evy from Libby.

  3. Tag says, "you don't smell as good as Bubbles, so my love goes out to her..."