Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I feel much better having had the time to take pics of the dogs today! Lots going on since I got home from the ASCA Nationals, most bad but there is always some good amongst the bad:-)) First though the Nationals were fun to watch; lots of dogs and stuff going on the whole time. Quite a bit of rain so no pics, my jacket pockets were full!

Rosy update... still not sure though some positive prego signs, she's not talking. Only a couple more weeks til we can be sure or not.

Sally my co-pilot, dirty from an early walk roll in the dirt:-))

This is the second go at a roll, everyone was happy to be on a walk even though it was really hot!

Patsy Loves her sticks, almost as she loves the Cardis...

As evidenced by the Cardis all on top of her in the pileup!

My sentry girls, keeping the goats at bay.

Bubbles back for only a split second between squirrel hunts (1 down, thousands to go!)

My Mr Oli, always doing something goofy for attention!

Finally the foster puppies. They are here for a week or so to get better "new home" manners. They are learning to play with people and other dogs, sleep in crates, leash walking... Big stuff for babies to learn. They will resume the home search next week.

The goats, always in to stuff they shouldn't be... They have to come poking around while I'm walking the dogs, drives the dogs crazy! Damn goats!!!!:-))


  1. Maybe you should teach Sally to drive the golf cart!

  2. Wow, that was a great and nice photos! Those dogs are so happy in playing and they really spend a lots of fun! Woof!

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