Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last hike of the summer:-(

Today was our last day up here so Carol and I went down to the Mars Hill Farmers Market. We wandered around there and bought a couple small treats then went down to Asheville. We shopped for a bit then got lost (always happens there...) but it turned out really great. We found an awesome little taco shack, The White Duck Taco Shack. I had a great Bahn Mi taco and a JerkChicken taco; what fun different flavors!

Once back at the cabin, I took the dogs(except Beli) and went on a nice long hike. The pics didn't come out real well; its been overcast all day and the woods I walked in were really dark and well shaded. I don't know how far we went but it was 2.5-3hrs of slow hiking. The Appalachian trail piece we walked was narrow but beautiful. Lots of cool mushrooms, pretty shade loving flowers and best of all no other people. All 6 of the dogs had a blast running along then waiting for the rest of us!:-))

Rosy was usually in the lead, as you can see (maybe) Bubbles joined right in and really had a great time hunting the chipmunks with Evy.

The three blue Beli girls. Evy almost gave me a heart attack walking along the edge of this rock. It was a long drop off on the other side of the rock...

Rosy and Patsy waiting for me on the trail.

We have the long drive home tomorrow and then back to work on Monday. This has been such a wonderful relaxing trip, well needed, I just wish it was longer!


  1. Sounds like a great day! I love the picture of the pack on the trail.

  2. The Awesome Beli Girls! What a wonderful week you had. Makes it even harder to come back to the "real world." Hope you were able to recharge your mental batteries!