Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, August 25, 2011

NC Vacation

Well this is the first opportunity to post since leaving home. We took a small detour to visit Rita Hellegers in Alabama. Her home and property are beautiful! It was a fun, though short visit; we got to watch the National videos from this year. Its always fun to watch with someone else that wasn't there. We had such an enjoyable visit, looking at dogs and talking Cardis some:-))

Ritas hay pasture early morning

Dogs playing in the side yard, they had a great time!

The NC dogs! My friend Carol met me at the cabin with her two Cardis, Libby and Tag. So this is the NC crew. Left to right:Beli, Abby, Evy, Libby, Bubbles, Sally, Rosy, Patsy and Tag. Its quite the family reunion!

Sally enjoying some grass time

Sally trying to play with Bubbles our new arrival:-))

Sally and Bubbles walking the front yard. Bubbles is a Beli daughter and mother to Tigger; I very much like her and Rita was looking to place her so its a win win!!! I'm looking forward to working her on livestock and breeding a litter too. She is starting to get used to the dogs and I. This will be a good week for her to adapt to a different life with me and my dogs.


  1. Awesome family reunion! Wish I could be there with Tigger and the kids. Have a relaxing time, eat a red velvet cupcake for me!