Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy late birthday and other stuff...

Well first the obnoxious Aussie:-)) Making a mess of herself at every opportunity... There goes all the water from the tank.

Sally and Patsy getting ready for kick off!

and they are off...

a moment of down time...

and we are back where we began, with a stand off.

Abby and Oliver celebrated their 6th Birthday yesterday with extra chewies all around. This one is mine, says Abby!

Beli wants another one, NOW!

Leader of the pack, if only for a day:-)

Oli even got in on the play with Patsy, he seems to like her now or maybe it was just on his birthday:-))

Flabby Abby looking really please with herself, having kept the stick for herself.

So Happy Birthday to all the LibbyXToken kids, my first eleven, could have been my last too:-)) Love these kids:-) Can't believe they are already 6 though, time flies!

Finally finished with the peaches, canned 20 jars of Blueberry-Peach jam and made peach ice cream, I can't wait to try it tonight! Now the tomatos are in full swing and I can't hardly keep up, made 5 qts of salsa today but froze it since I don't yet have a pressure-canner... I imagine I'll try to can a couple quarts of whole plum tomatos this weekend. Yikes, I'm ready to be done with this, my days off are taken up with processing all the produce instead of working dogs!

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  1. Bolt and Dory say happy belated birthday, Mom and Uncl Oli!