Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good herding weekend not much else...

Well I posted on my training blog about how much fun the girls and I had herding this weekend. I've been negligent again to the blog because I can't seem to get done before 9-9:30 every night when I get home. The sheep are eating me out of house and home because we still have not had enough rain to get grass. The dogs are starved for attention cuz I'm working different hours and not around as much as before. I don't have time to take pics because I'm feeding during our walks now.... the list could go on but the bottom line is that I am negligent!:-))

There have been some good things going on elsewhere though. Dory is learning to be a show dog, though unfortunatly came in season ... Remy has his therapy dog vest (or at least its ordered!) Yeah for Ana and Remy, I'm so proud! Merlin has been working sheep as well and seems to be doing quite well. Also got a great update on Bolt from an instinct test and he seems to have promising capability. So even though we are a bit bogged down here, Raglan pups elsewhere are holding the banner high!:-))

Hopefully we will have time again soon!

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  1. And now you are on facebook, which will suck up more time than you can imagine!