Dogs at Lake Dora

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Still busy ...

Well I keep thinking I'll post and then the day is gone... Anyway, the farm is hard to keep up with right now. The peach tree is engorged with peaches, they smell so good when you drive by. I'm hoping to can and maybe make some jam too! The peach cobbler is delicious though. Every evening I stop and pick one to eat on the dog walk, yummm! The green beans are off the hook too, can't hardly keep up with them. Corn is on the way as are the tomatos, yeah!!

Patsy is growing like a weed! She is so much fun to work too, I'll have to get some video soon.

Sweet Mr. Oli! He is such a happy boy these days. I know the right home will come along for him, though if it doesn't he can stay here forever! Just love my big sweet blue boy:-))

And finally we got rain this afternoon!! Its been almost 7weeks, March 31st! The only drawback was that it came with 70+ MPH wind. It took out our gazebo, which is now a pile of twisted metal as well as quite a few veggie plants. Thankfully all the livestock is alive and well! We do not have a well or any power to the dog building though. Hopefully it will be back on soon, I'm still happy to have the rain, with or without the wind.


  1. yikes!

    Sorry about the wind. Good about the rain.

    I will have peaches in Sept. Beans in July maybe.

    Patsy is getting big and mature looking.

  2. Dory did the long-distance rain dance for you! In between sitting on Henley's head.

  3. Awww Big O!

    Sorry you blew away, just par for the course around here these days. Spring!