Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hiking and puppies

We got to go on a very nice hike, take some pics of the dogs and enjoy the morning. Jill and Margaret left this afternoon with Elliot and Bolt:-(
The Great Smoky Mountains
Lily on the hike, she had a blast leading the way for the crew.

Flora exploring in the leaves

The Cardi girls on a log during the hike

Alis looking for goodies in the yard

A view from the parking area at the base of Big Bald, we didn't go to the top since they were capturing and banding birds
Elliot 10wks

Bolt front 10wks

Bolt 10wks

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  1. The picture on the log is just lovely! Gorgeous blue skies and pretty Cardi faces! Perfect!