Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, October 7, 2010

and then there were 10...

The first to leave was Buzz, after our visit to the clinic for health certs and more shots... He was such a brave boy though, I don't even think he looked back:-)) It seems that they will be very happy and I know I'll see him again since he is living with my wonderful friends Karen and Jon!
Elliot begging for attention

Dory hoarding the toy, such a very proud girl!

I called "Cookies" and they all came a running, I got several other pics but they are all blurry since I was trying to run ahead of everyone too!:-))

Bolt missed the mass exodus to the back field by 9 naughty little puppies. He patiently waited at the fence line til we came back though.

Alis gets to show off her new do. She is the second puppy now to have her ears come up spontaneously, I love it!

Abby gets to play with her babies now that there is no milk for them to thieve, she loves it and so do they!


  1. It must be a very bittersweet day when the pups start leaving.... I think I would cry over each one, even knowing they were going to good homes!

  2. Spontaneous "earage" is good! Good luck to Baby Buzz, the first AbbyXTigger goodwill ambassador!

  3. I don't cry as much now Taryn but there are still puppies that are hard to let go! We love spontaneous ears! A couple more look promising too:-))
    Thanks Holly!