Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best friends...

or worst enemies? Somedays its hard to tell:-)) The dogs and I had a nice long relaxing walk tonight, well the walk was relaxing for me, the dogs as you can see had other ideas...

Sally and Rosy having their nightly sparring match, Lily our new arrival is coming to the rescue.

Very happy dogs, Rosy is always attached to Sally, if Sally doesn't attach to her first:-)

Lily inviting Sally to play. Sally is a funny dog and doesn't really care for other dogs, but she really loves Lily. The two of them commenced playing as you can see from the new header.
Lily came from Harry Griffith in NM and is Olivers granddaughter. She loves the other dogs and is starting to find her place here.

Rosy and Sally back to fighting again, they are friends again soon after, sounds aweful when they spar though.


  1. World Cardigan Wrestling Federation!

  2. heheheheheee! It does look like that from these pics:-)))

  3. Lily is looking like she is fitting in quite well!

  4. But now the question is, is Her Sallyness secretly luring Lily to the Dark Side?

  5. Glad to see Lily is fitting in well, she is a pretty girl.