Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rosy's home and she brought a friend!

Well I got my girly back yesterday afternoon. She was so happy to be home she immediately went to be naughty and got into the garbage... Bad Rosy! I'm happy to have her home though, my pack feels whole again plus one. I also got Wish (Ch Cornerstone's All My Wishes HSAsd), he has come to live with us too. Wish had some not so friendly habits with other dogs. I have 9 Cardigans that live here and they all get along for the most part. From time to time girls will have spats but the boys really are pretty good, never anything bad... So to celebrate Wish and Rosy's arrival we took a big walk all together. Rosy had so much fun bounding around checking out all of the smells that she had missed, the girls where glad to see here too and had to hear about her big adventure! Wish was very unsure of this big crew, but Evy was the first to greet and say all is well. Everyone had a sniff and moved on. Wish was not to certain of all this but went along with it. He did not share friendliness with anyone but wasn't sure either. By our return to the house everyone was getting on fine. Wish is settling in well now and I got tail wags to the other dogs this morning. I'll get pics this afternoon...
I just have to say Evy is the best gauge of dog intent of my group. I know without any doubt if there is something to worry about by Evy's reaction to a new dog. I've had biters and aggressive large dogs come that had previous issues but Evy tells me if I need to be concerned or she will jump in and try to make them behave. I love that! So our pack is intact once again plus one... So pictures this afternoon I hope!


  1. I'm happy that Wish has come to live you and the gang. He is a lovely little dog (he trained at the same herding facility as Bobby and me) and deserves a place where he can be happy and succesful. Please keep us posted on how he's doing.

  2. Will do Claire. Wish seems to be fitting right in with everyone here. He even decided to go after the goats today!:-))

  3. Glad to hear Rosy is happy to be home. And I hope Wish settles in.