Dogs at Lake Dora

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday dogs and more pics...

So first I'll start with the birthday intros! Lots of Bdays this month Laura is now 6yrs old and Abby and Oliver will be 5yrs at the end of the month. They were my Memorial day emergency C-section at the University of FL, but I had 11 healthy babies to take home! So Happy Birthday to all the LibbyXToken kids! They will be the pictures of the month for the header as well

Abby posing after her romp around with everyone.

Oliver looking over the situation, love this pic:-)

Rudy and Wish having a tan dog convention, I don't think Wish will want to attend that next year! Really Wish is getting along fine with everyone for the most part, Rudy just doesn't always like to be bothered to play.

Sally waiting for Abby to come back around on the romp so she can join in

She got in on it but had to stop to correct Faith for some misbehavior

Beli looking over everything before wandering off to hunt the gophers.

Miss Rosy looking very cute just as I was leaving the back pasture. She is such a very sweet girl.


  1. Love that tuck-the-butt and run header pic!

  2. Boy can I see Sam in that picture of Abby. She's a pretty girl - I'll be looking forward to pics of her next litter.

  3. Yup I see lots of Sam in her too! That tongue!!!!:-))

  4. Does the tail do ridiculous things too? Wag in a circle?

  5. Yup her tail goes in circles just like Libby's did and Dreamers did. We have a long line of crazy waggers!!:-))