Dogs at Lake Dora

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Litter plans

I'm so excited to look forward to another litter now that I'm sure Sally did not take. I've been agonizing over who to breed Abby too for quite a while now and here he is!
Cornerstone's Wonderful Thing (14 points, 1 major)
Tigger is OFA prelim Fair, elbows normal, eyes normal, PRA tested clear

Raglans It had to be Ewe HXAs (pointed) CERF normal, PRA line cleared

Tigger and Abby compliment each other well phenotypically and I like the genotypic cross as well. I'm hoping for some nice black and blue babies this summer/Fall. On a bad note I'm sorry to say that I did not get into nursing school for the Fall, I'm looking into some other options though... So I'll have plenty of time for puppies this summer/Fall (hint, hint Abby:-))


  1. Wow... that's going to a pretty litter with brains. I shall be drooling from afar, here! ;)

  2. Looking forward to seeing the pups. Sorry about nursing school.

  3. Tigger was pretty much the only blue boy that impressed me at the National. I can't wait to see how the litter looks. We'll be looking for lots of photos! :-)

  4. Tigger seems like a great choice. I can't wait to see the puppies they create. I am sorry to hear about nursing school.

  5. Sorry about the nursing school, and yippee about more pups!

    I wanted to alert you to a lost Cardigan in FL since you are the only Cardi person I know down there. Here is the info:

    Please help me find a lost Cardigan Corgi in the Gainesville, Florida, area. This is a one year old brindle and white male. He was at the German Shorthaired Pointer National Specialty. He escaped his crate two days ago, from what I understand. He has never been away from home, and is probably scared to death!!. If you know anyone that is in that area, PLEASE, PLEASE, let them know he is missing, and to be on the lookout for him.

    PLEASE call me day or night if you see him, or have any information about him! His call name is Raisin.

    Stephanie Stoner
    Stones Throw Farm's Cardigan Welsh Corgis

  6. Thanks Taryn! I have gotten word and have sent it on to everyone north of here that I know! Hopefully we can bring Raisen home!