Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Promised pics...

So first Faith whom I have not taken pictures of in quite a while. She is doing great, little trouble maker that she is! She did get her first chance on sheep this weekend. She was just on the defensive wanted to go after the sheep for protection not herding. We'll give her another couple of weeks and try again. She ended up getting stepped on:-))

Mr Oli being a goof trying to get my attention:-)

Like mother, like daughter... I kid you not, this is something they did on their own...

Sally resting inside this afternoon. It is blistering hot here 98 degrees yesterday afternoon so we are staying where there is air conditioning when possible. Which by the way was out of commision yesterday too!

Evy giving everything her watchful eye

Finally Wish playing with Rosy. He really warmed up to everyone today, even tried getting Rudy to play, it didn't happen but Wish wanted to and thats what counts.

Wish resting under the tree with everyone. He is a bit more affected by the heat right now but he'll get used to it too.


  1. Is Wish with you permanently or just for some showing and herding?

  2. Wish is permanent here unless the absolute perfect home comes along. I will continue to work/trial him as I'm able.

  3. What a handsome gang. Love the pic of momma and Faith.

  4. Oh my goodness! Wish looks just like Toby (with a tail LOL) Too cute! I love your corgis!