Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Finally recieved some 'Good' news today! I called OFA just cuz I couldn't wait another day:-)) They rated her "Good" hips. I'm so happy to get this info. I'm afraid that if she is pregnant she is only going to have 1-2 puppies. Sally is about 6 wks today and is still not showing. Unfortunatly at around 3 wks she got hit pretty hard by a ewe with a lamb and I'm afraid now that that caused her to resorb the puppies later. I palpated at 30days and felt 2 locules, so I know that she was pregnant and I'm not just crazy!:-0 I don't usually try and count but 2 locules palpated previously has had 10 and 8 puppies respectively. I'm so disappointed but thems the breaks...

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