Dogs at Lake Dora

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Spring pics and Beli

Its a bit overcast here but still ok for pics. I bathed dogs this am and thought I would take pics. Well Rosy is being a girl... so no pics, no good ones anyway. Lots of farm pics though since I got bored with the uncooperative dogs:-))

This is our front garden looking towards the road. The Indian Hawthornes are blooming like mad this year. All of them were "throwaways" from a landscape company, they look great for death row plants! Did I mention that my mother can't throw away a plant?

Evy posing next to the blooming Serissa. Not a great pic of the flowers but its a pretty little plant with delicate little pink/white flowers.

OK I really wanted a pretty family pic, the dogs sooooo did not cooperate! Evy, Rosy and Faith are all daughters of Beli out of DreamerXDeeDee girls. Libby, Mara and of course Laura is Faiths mom. I'll try again another day.

Faith stalking the sheep at the fenceline. She is a very smart, busy little puppy. I've started ( a bit late) teaching sits, downs and "Find it". After only one session she is laying down when prompted and sits pretty natural anyway. Find it is coming along, I don't make it easy, but she really uses her thinking cap.

My mothers formal garden. It is looking a little bare at the moment but the flowers are still pretty on the Loropetalum and the fountain has recently been placed.

This is a Clivia, pretty rare flower from what I understand. My mothers is doing wonderfully! This is the 2nd or 3rd years its' bloomed now.

White climbing rose around the unusable bird feeder. The rotten squirrels are just terrible, this garden is fenced so they run just behind the dogs kennels(driving them crazy!) to get to this feeder. We had to stop putting seed in it:-((
I have another ewe that is going to lamb any day now and three more just behind her. I should have more lamb pics this week!
Please keep Beli in your thoughts this week.... I am having him neutered Wednesday. Before anyone yells and screams about why I haven't done it earlier, I had always planned to neuter him at 10yrs. Well at 9yrs he broke a molar and had to have it extracted, while under I almost didn't get him back, so I asked several vets advice and was told to wait to neuter only if you had too. Well he has a rather enlarged testicle now so it must be done. I'll clean his teeth while he's waking up so we get as much done as possible. So needless to say Wednesday will be a nerve wracking day and I have a test on Thursday too! Yikes...


  1. Your mother's gargen really is lovely!

    Best wishes for Beli, I can certainly understand why you are nervous. Wilson actually gets a molar out this morning. This is the second one he's broken. He must be one heck of a chewer! He will be getting a cleaning too as I don't like putting him under just for that.

  2. Thanks Taryn! Beli broke two molars too! Both on hooves and both teeth eventually had to be removed:-( Best wishes for Wilson this am!

  3. Tigger sends good thoughts for a safe surgery for Grandpa Beli. And sloppy kisses for his Aunt Amy.

  4. Thanks Tigger!! Especially for the kisses:-))