Dogs at Lake Dora

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April is Spring on the Farm month!

I thought what better way to use April than to ring in Springtime! It is such a welcomed sight this year. I love the FL winter, nice and cool most days, its the only time of year we get a break from heat. This year I'm actually happy to see Spring come, I must be getting old...:-))) Anyway here are some FL spring pics to welcome Spring back!

This is the front of our house. My mother is an awesome landscaper/designer. When we moved here it was a barren wasteland. Not a garden in sight and now it is beautiful.

A couple sheep around the Hawthorne tree, such a nice little tree and its very pretty right now. Just starting to bloom with pretty white flowers.

Bumbly 09 and her ram lamb. Can't believe how big they are getting now at 6 wks old. The mommas and babies were all napping in the shade this afternoon, very cute.

Riley at 10 wks, from this weekend! Isn't he just a charmer? As cute as they come...

This is my Redbud tree. I just love them! This is the first time I've had it bloom since I planted it last summer. It sits right next to my outside puppy pen so eventually I can have a little shade!

This is my new lamb from last night. ANOTHER BOY THING!!@! OK I'm done venting but really can't I have just a couple more girls? She had him in the pasture so this was the best I could do without bothering everyone.

Faiths best "I'm crazy" impression, I'm pretty sure it worked! She had such a good time at the trial this weekend visiting all the people and going for leash walks (we don't get many of those at home!)


  1. What a lovely home and yard you have! It must be great to have so much land.

    Here in Virginia, the Redbuds grow wild. Every little patch of woods has a few. They are in full bloom right now. It's beautiful!

  2. Thank you Taryn! I do love the farm life even though its only 5 acres:-)) Redbuds do grow wild here in FL, more so in the northern part. I just love redbuds, dogwoods and plums in the Spring though.